History and Mission Statement of the

Potomac River Fisheries Commission

The states of Maryland and Virginia are both vitally interested in conserving and improving the valuable fishery resources of the tidewater portion of the Potomac River, maintaining law and order and peace and safety on the river, and recognizing that certain provisions of the Maryland-Virginia Compact of 1785 had become obsolete, agreed in 1958 that such conservation and improvement could be best achieved by a commission comprised of representatives of both Maryland and Virginia.

Northern Snakehead
Invasive specie

Recently, a non-native air breathing freshwater fish known as a Snakehead has generated national media attention as the latest invasive species to threaten native fish and wildlife resources and the economic sectors that depend on them.


September 10, 2015 Meeting
The draft agenda for the September 10, 2015 meeting of the Potomac River Fisheries Commission is available here.

Breaking News:
Effective July 11, 2015, the minimum size for hard crabs (except mature female) crabs is 5.25 inches.

Effective July 11, 2015 it is not permissible to possess any other jurisdiction's commercial striped bass tags while actively fishing commercially for striped bass in PRFC waters.

Fishing the Tidal Potomac

The tidal Potomac River offers some of the finest fishing, crabbing and shell fishing on the Atlantic coast.